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BEE gift "Tasty"


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Healthy gift for any occasion. Bee bread pastilles adds energy to your every day rythm an strenghtens your health. BEE IN wrap helps to preserve your food fresh for longer time both in the refrigiator and in room temperature.

  • BEE IN wax wrap MEDUIM size 28x28cm. 
    Wrap cheese, bread, nuts, grapefruit, pomegranate, melon. Place it over small jars, bowls or cans.
  • BEE BITE bee bread pastilles. 15 pieces, 75 g.
    Bee bread pastilles in different tastes (hemp, apple and cinnamom, hemp protein, black currant, red bilberries, sea bucthorn, natural taste)
  • PUPUCHI roasted bread beans 90g. (chocolate, cinamon, sour cream and piri piri peppers, with and without salt)
    Pupuchi crispy beans contain seven of the eight essential amino acids you need for your daily routine.
  • Gift wrapping as in picture
  • Box size 250x230x60cm